General Surgery


The Department of General Surgery functions with the eminent faculty being the backbone of the department, we are in prime focus to serve the various needs, may it be in the outpatient, inpatient or in the emergency room which is covered 24×7.
There is always a drive towards self-betterment, and this motive is passed down through every member of the department. The surgical training and skills developed are on par with the best standards.

Surgery is a medical speciality that uses operative manual and instrumental techniques to investigate and/or treat a pathological condition such as a disease or an injury, to help improve bodily function or appearance. Pre-operative and post-operative care come together at the Department of General Surgery.

• The department handles all major emergencies and planned surgical procedures including surgeries related to the pancreas, the liver and the bile duct.
• A special highlight is the experience that Students Can earn through Operation Theatre procedures, wherein they are allowed to observe surgical procedures in an audio-visual room.


Dr. Nagarajan D
Dr. Jawahar K
Dr. Periyasamy S
Dr. Vasuki R
Dr. Ravinthar A
Dr. Rajesh Daniel
Dr. Aravind B
Dr. R Raj Gowtham
Dr. Srinath G
Dr. P. Harishwaran
Dr. Ch Venkata Lakshmi Aishwarya
Dr. Giriprasanna Adapa
Dr. K. Karuppaiah
Dr. Janani S
Dr. K. Vinotha
Dr. A. Arul Pandiyan
Dr. Suganya C
Dr. Veluru Usha
Dr. Jamimah Ann Rajan
Dr. R Jagan Kumar R
Dr. Gowtham R
Dr. Afna Jayash J S
Dr. Kavi Arun M