Clinical Skills & Simulation


The Department of Clinical Skills & Simulation at Panimalar Medical College Hospital & Research Institute is a “Centre of Excellence” conceptualised adhering to the guidelines as laid down by the “Medical Council of India (MCI)” and the “American Heart Association (AHA)”. The Department of Clinical Skills & Simulation has been established with the state of art facilities that focuses on teaching Health Care Professionals in a safe learning environment with realistic experiences to support effective, efficient and safe patient care.

The fully functional Department of Clinical Skills & Simulation fulfils the need for the implementation of the “Competency based Under GraduateCurriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate”as prescribed by the Medical Council of India (MCI).


SIMULATION-BASED MEDICAL EDUCATION (SBME)Simulation means to imitate a situation or process that occurs in real life or a generic term that refers to the artificial representation of a real world process to achieve educational goals via experimental learning. Well-designed Simulation department for practicing clinical skills that increases the student’s confidence, reduce errors and improves patient safety.

This 20000 sq. ft. multipurpose area is ideal for workshops. Alternatively, it can be used for lectures and tutorials.

Infrastructure include:

  • 10 – Skills Stations
  • 8 – Examination rooms with audio-video camera recording facilities.
  •  2 -Demonstration room with SMART Board.
  • 2 -De briefing rooms with necessary audio- video visual aids.
  • 1 -Human patient simulator room (HPS) with audio- video visual aids.

The Department of Clinical skills and simulation provide a safe learning environment for the undergraduate medical curriculum to teach and assess students in a patient-centered care.


Dr. Surapaneni Krishna Mohan
Radhika .N S

Facilities for Training: Our Mannequins

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Patient Simulator
Advanced Life Support (ALS) Patient Simulator